How To Make Special Occasion Crackers

Crackers are a great addition to any holiday dinner. Between the goofy hats, the corny jokes, and the “cracking”, these little gifts are guaranteed to get everyone in a festive spirit. We think that you can make crackers even more exciting by doing it yourself. By making your own crackers, you can guarantee that everyone will get a little trinket they will like. You can even make them specifically for each person and then use the crackers as place tags. Another benefit of making your crackers is that you can make them for any special celebration. You can make crackers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s or any other celebration

What You Will Need:

Tissue Paper
Wrapping Paper
Toilet Paper Rolls (2 for each cracker you want to make)
Cracker Snaps (Note: Due to new legislation you can no longer buy these individually at craft stores in Canada. There are two options to buy them now. You can buy a kit with the snaps included or you can find them through a second hand source online)

How To Make Crackers For Any Special Occasion:

To make the crackers, first gather up all the things you need to put in the crackers. A traditional cracker has a snapper, a joke, a tissue paper hat, and a little toy inside. When you make your own you can put whatever you want inside. Use some Creative Plume and customize your crackers to the occasion and to what you think your guests will like.

Select the goodies for your crackers with your recipients in mind. You can choose the trinkets for specific guests, keep the recipients random or do the same thing for each person. We love these kits for these Geobursts. They are fun and simple to make, fun to play with and they can also be Christmas tree decorations. Perfect for all age groups. Here is the link to the instructions on how to make them on These instructions show you how to make the whole kit yourself. You can also buy the kits from Alejandro Erickson through his Geoburst store. To order the kits, contact him through this page and ask about the kits to make the Tensegrity Tensecoration Decorations.

Print and cut out some jokes. You can make you own or print out this ready made knock-knock joke template from

You can buy pre-made tissue paper hats or you can make your own.

How To Make A Tissue Paper Hat:

One average sized tissue paper will make four hats. Fold the piece of tissue paper in half along the short edge (First Fold). Fold the same edge in half again (Second Fold). At this point, your tissue paper should have four layers and about the right height and length for a hat. Each layer will become an individual hat.

Next, fold it to make a tab for glue (Third Fold). Fold about an inch of the short edge down (Fourth Fold). Then fold the tissue paper in half along the long edge (Fifth Fold). Fold in half again along the same edge (Sixth Fold).

Fold in half once more along the same edge (Seventh Fold). Cut straight along one of the short edges of the tissue paper (First cut).

Cut the other short edge of the tissue paper at about a forty-five degree angle so that the folded edge is where the point is (Second Cut). After this cut, if you unfold your tissue paper once, there should be a ninety degree point at the top. At this point you can completely unfold the tissue paper and you should have four hats.

Next, glue the tab and attach to the opposite end of the tissue paper hat so it is a complete circle. Once the glue is dry, you have a completed hat. Fold it back up so it will fit into the cracker.


 How To Make A Holiday Cracker:

Cut a piece of wrapping paper so it is three toilet paper rolls long and wide enough to wrap around one with about a half an inch excess. Cut a toilet paper roll in half. Put the snapper through the toilet paper roll. Put in a hat, a joke, a trinket any other items you want in your cracker.

Tape the wrapping paper to the toilet paper roll so it is in the centre of the paper. Tape the other edge of the paper to the roll so the toilet paper roll is covered. Insert the toilet paper roll halves into each end of the roll so they just line up with the edges of the paper.

Tie ribbon around the edges of each toilet paper roll in the space between the full roll and the half roll on each side. Curl the ribbon or tie it into a bow. Tape down the snapper to the inside of the cracker on each side.

Add any other decorations and or the recipients name and the cracker is complete. Enjoy celebrating with your friends and family!

Leave a comment below and tell us what you like to do with your homemade crackers!

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