Moustache Glass Marker

Hosting a Movember party? Mark your guests glasses with a one of a kind ‘stash! This project is super simple and is guaranteed to add a little more Mo’ to your event. Cut a moustache out of stiff felt. See the How To Make A Felt Moustache post for step-by-step instructions. Make … Continue reading

Moustache On A Stick

This moustache-on-a-stick craft is inexpensive and the perfect addition to your Movember fundraising campaign. Make a variety of moustache shapes so there’s one for every personality and style.   How To Make A Felt Moustache What You Will Need: Stiffened Felt Scissors Paper Straight Pins Directions: Draw half of your moustaches … Continue reading

Chocolate Moustache On A Stick

Consumables are always a good option for fundraising. This Movember craft is not only fun to use but it’s made out of chocolate too! Who doesn’t like chocolate?     Chocolate Moustache On A Stick: What You Will Need: Chocolate Candy Melts Lollipop Sticks Mustache Lollipop Mold Directions: Place chocolate … Continue reading

Moustache On A Bottle

Add a little refreshment to your fundraising efforts by offering this thirst quenching moustache option. These moustache bottle toppers will give the drinker the Movember moustache they’ve always desired! This fundraising craft is also inexpensive and simple to make. A perfect way to amp up your fundraising efforts or just … Continue reading

Chili Appetizer

Think it’s not classy to serve chili at a party? We thought so until we thought again. Chili is delicious and, on a cold night, nothing is more appetizing than a warming bowl of chili and some cornbread. The only thing chili doesn’t have going for it is that it is unattractive. We … Continue reading

Spooky Spider Halloween Haunted House Door Decoration

Remember those haunted houses where they set up those motion activated decorations that would light up and make loud noises when you passed by; send you running and screaming in the opposite direction? This alternative will spook your trick or treaters but not send them running before you have a chance to unload some … Continue reading

What Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything?

What do you give someone who has everything? What do you give to someone you don’t know very well? What gift do you give your Dad? The answer is Maple Whiskey. It is the perfect thank-you gift, the perfect hostess gift, the perfect anytime gift. Why is it the perfect gift? It … Continue reading

How To Make Cheesecake Without A Cheesecake Pan

There are many reasons why you may not have a cheesecake pan (aka spring form pan). We dislike the clutter of unnecessary kitchen utensils and there are a lot of different cake pans that can take up precious cupboard space. So what is the answer to the no cheesecake pan dilemma? Individual sized cheesecakes! … Continue reading